About Me

I grew up as a single daughter in Sichuan, China. Coming to the United States by myself, I worked my way through by getting a GED at age 16, transferring to UC Irvine from a low-cost community college, and eventually achieving my goal of getting into one of the nation’s best sociology Ph.D. programs.

It was my earlier personal and educational experiences in both China and the U.S. that inspired my passion to study gender inequalities in both Western and Eastern Asian Societies. Under the guidance of my advisors, Dr. Rachel Goldberg and Dr. Wang Feng, I have pursued my research interest by focusing on global gender inequality in the family and in the labor force during the transition to adulthood. For more information on my research, click here.

During my free time, I love to travel and practice photography. I enjoy taking landscape photos and doing astrophotography during Milkyway seasons. You can see my photos here.